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FlyteSkool Gear Rentals will be beginning on 1 January, 2016 for delivery in February. Weekly and Daily rentals will only be available at our Skydive Deland location, with Monthly rentals available Nationwide. Please excuse our mess as we await our Merchant Services catch up with our speed of business and utilize PayPal at this time. Thanks and see you in the skies!

So you want to rent a new Squirrel Suit, eh? Well you’ve come to the right place! From Sumo Tracking Suits all the way up to the new Freak from Squirrel, FlyteSkool’s got you covered.

Or maybe your a new skydiver?  Just got your license and just can't bring yourself to pay what they want per jump or per day for a 20 year old, whatever kinda rig?

Wingsuit & Complete Rig rentals will be available starting in February of 2016, you will have to be a member to rent gear, so go ahead and sign up. :)

Please be prepared to provide proof of training (Pic of your logbook/license) and other details before you can rent a wingsuit or rig.

FlyteSkool has sized our rental fleet to try to fit all of our customers the best we can.. Below is a sizing chart for our fleet wingsuits, and you can notice that there are also plus sizes for those of you out there shaped a little more like myself. In other words, if you are not the “Average” shape for your height, then you will likely need a plus size in that height category.

FlyteSkool Suit Sizing
Size Code Height Zipper Color
A 5’1-5’4 Pink
B 5’4-5’6 Purple
C 5’6-5’8 Blue
D 5’8-5’10 Black
E 5’10-6-0 Green
F 6’0-6’2 Red
G 6’2 + White

Robust, plus, or Scotty Sizes~

For a few of these sizes, we have made a platform that is more scaled towards a person more my shape. Codes B, C, D, and E only at this time, and are denoted as + sizes. Mylar on all plus size suits will be white to denote the difference.

For Rig Sizing, please have Aerodyne's custom sizing measurments for yourself ready.  Measuring instructions are available HERE

For our rental policies and other related information, Click HERE


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